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IMPORTANT:  Corona-virus

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Dear customer,  

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus is creating uncertain times in the world. All of us are advised not to travel at this moment to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. We all wish everyone remains in good health and we wish you all strength for the coming time.  

For now, most museums/attractions are closed unfortunately. We do not know when they re-open. Because of this situation we receive a lot of refund requests.

We are focusing on getting accurate information from museums/attractions regarding their refund policy. That is not easy because offices are closed and as you can imagine these are important decisions for museums/attractions to make.

‘I have a booking in the past or with a visit date in the coming 2-3 weeks’

We are working very hard to get the right information from museums/attractions regarding their refund policy. When we did not contact you yet it means we don’t have all the information yet to be able to answer you. Most of you already received an email from us with more information regarding their booking. We work from Monday till Friday from 9.00h till 17.00h answering your questions.  

‘I have a booking with a visit date more than 2-3 weeks from now’

Museums and attractions inform us about their refund policy. These policies are based on the dates that they are officially closed. Closure periods of museums/attractions are mostly scheduled for 2-3 weeks.

Therefore at the moment we are focused on bookings with a visit date in the past or within the coming 2-3 weeks because museums/attractions are officially closed for this period.  

We get back to you in a later phase. Or you can send us an email again 14 days before your visit date. We appreciate your understanding in these exceptional times. We work from Monday till Friday from 9.00h till 17.00h answering your questions.  

What can I expect from Ticketbar?

Because of the enormous amount of refund requests we could not handle all the emails in the last weeks. From the 20th of April all questions coming in from this moment will be answered.

In this automatic email we try to give you more background about the situation and the answer you can expect from us.

It is important to know that our customers are very important for Ticketbar and that we strive to get the best possible outcomes for you so that we can welcome you again as a customer in the future.

We highly appreciate your understanding and patience in these uncertain times and we are working hard to make sure we overcome this.